Why do webmasters need Alexa Rank enhancement?

A better Alexa Rank, as in lower rank, can bring a website several valuable benefits. The important ones are:

  • Better Site Image If an e-commerce business website does not have a good Alexa rank, it reflects on its credibility, negatively affecting sales and profits.
  • Attracting Advertisers Alexa Rank is a useful method for prospective advertisers to decide where they want to advertise. Advertisers prefer to place ads on sites that have an Alexa Rank under 100,000, the lower the better. Your website may not attract any advertisers if its Alexa Rank were not known.
  • Enhanced Earnings Through Advertisements If your website sees heavy traffic, the ads you feature will obviously earn you more money. Thus, the lower you rank on Alexa, the more you would earn through the ads on your site.
  • Attracting Investors A lower Alexa Rank for your website makes it easier for you to attract investors or raise funds. Your site would also be worth more

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